I have a problem with my ISP internet speed. I have 500/50Mb and when I connect directly to my ISP router I get 400/50 aprox but when I do the speed test connected to mikrotik I get 160/50 more or less. Before adding fastrack connection in filter rules y got 100/50.

Apr 25, 2017 · Using a Mikrotik Router board and a Cloud Router Switch to Configure a Local Area Network. Feb 15, 2019 · Connect 2 MikroTik Routers Wirelessly and distribute internet service from the 2nd router - Duration: 17:25. MAICT Consult 11,539 views Connect using Command Line Interface (CLI)— CLI is a terminal-based approach that can be done via Telnet, SSH, or serial cable. Connect using WebFig— WebFig is a web-based GUI that acts as the MikroTik RouterOS configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting tool. You have your Home DSL modem installed, and want to have a secure connection to the Internet for your home network. For that, you have to install MikroTik router between the DSL modem and your home network: Make your MikroTik router with two Ethernet NICs, one for the Home DSL modem, one for your home network. Aug 17, 2016 · Click on Use my Internet connection (VPN) Now provide MikroTik Router’s WAN IP in Internet address input field and provide a name of your VPN in Destination name input field and then click on Create button. Your VPN network adapter will be created. Again go to Network and Sharing Center window and click on Change adapter settings link. 4) If you see your router on the list, connect to it by clicking on IP/MAC address and pressing Connect button Winbox will try download plugins from the router, if it is connecting for the first time to the router with current version. Note that it may take up to one minute to download all plugins if winbox is connected with MAC protocol

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Manual:Detect internet - MikroTik Wiki Internet. WAN interfaces that can reach cloud.mikrotik.com using UDP protocol port 30000 can obtain this state. Reachability is checked every minute. If cloud is not reached for 3 minutes, state falls back to WAN. Configuration. Sub-menu: /interface detect-internet