Jun 14, 2019 · According to physicist Bob Lazar, "Element 115" is the fuel source for an alien spacecraft he was hired to reverse-engineer by the U.S. government--and if we can harness its awesome power, it will

Feb 08, 2015 · Today I presented the history behind the real element 115. I explain what has gone into discovering the actual element 115, Ununpentium. I also explain which elements may have been used in Nazi A calcium-48 ion is accelerated to a high velocity in a cyclotron and directed at an americium-243 target. The accelerated calcium-48 ion collides into an americium-243 target atom (above) and creates the new 115 element that begins decaying with the emission of alpha particles into element 113. Four atoms of element 115 (moscovium) were produced, which alpha decayed producing element 113, . (1) The researchers stated that one atom of moscovium-287 was made, and three atoms of moscovium-288 were made. Further experiments and analysis later confirmed this result. Aug 27, 2013 · Scientists say they've created a handful of atoms of the elusive element 115, which occupies a mysterious corner of the periodic table. The super-heavy element has yet to be officially named, but This element was according to Bob Lazar the reason that UFOs were able to fly. Along with the name the flavor text "Becomes unstable upon exposure to the atmosphere" seems to confirm this as Bob Lazar explained the inability of scientists to make a stable version of element 115 was due to earth's atmosphere being different from that of the home

The Element 115 was provided to the scientists at S4 in the form of discs. STEP #2 (RIGHT) The Element 115 discs were fused to form a single cylinder. STEP #3 (LEFT) The Element 115 cylinder is then turned on a mill to form a cone. STEP #4 (RIGHT) The Element 115 cone is sliced to extract a wedge out of its center.

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Dec 25, 2006 · Element 115 and Anti-Gravity - posted in Science: A few days ago i came across some articles about Element 115 (also known as Ununpentium or Uup).Instead of re-writing what i found in every article, I will just give links.The whole idea of element 115 (for those unfamiliar with it) is that element 115 is a super-heavy element which, when in stable, forum can be used for ant-gravity propulsion.

Element 115 Grizzly HillsBinds when picked upUniqueDuration: 3 minBase movement speed cannot be increased. Damage done to you is increased by 35%."Becomes unstable upon exposure to the atmosphere." Contents[show] Source Element 115 is found within bottles inside a Venture Company ship at Venture Bay. Element 115 as a quest objective This item is an objective of the following quests: [74 Aug 30, 2016 · Here is some speculation about what it all means and what inspired some of the zombies story line and where Element 115 comes from. Thanks to: Caitey, Ashley, Ashley's Mom & Sev7nShadows https Aug 28, 2013 · First observed in 2003, the element 115 has yet to be named officially, but it is temporarily called Ununpentium, or Uup. It is also known as eka-bismuth.. The name Ununpentium is derived from the May 13, 2006 · The nuclear configuration of this isotope of Element 115 would be identical to the nuclear configuration of the only known stable isotope of Element 83, Bismuth, 83Bi209, containing the magic number of 126 neutrons, except that the Element 115 isotope would have one more energy level completely filled with protons and neutrons. Element 115 made power for nuclear reactors. Element 115 also made new weapons for the U.S. Is element 115 real? element 115 is real. It is known as ununpentium. In real life, element 99 is einsteinium and has no such qualities. Element 115 / Elerium-115 / Elerium. UFO: Enemy Unknown (video game) This element is widely known within the sci-fi and UFO community, since, according to ufologist Bob Lazar, it is used by alien engines to generate anti-gravity and propulsion. This was later taken by the Gollop