It is not the modem since other computers of the same modem are working fine. When I click on "Diagnose Connection Problems" it says "The configured proxy server is not responding" and to verify your connectivity setting.

Re: The configured proxy server is not responding The last time I saw this problem with my bank after a similar drop in BB service, flushing my stored cache and cookies sorted the problem. My PC was not infected, but it was fighting against itself on the renewed connection. Nov 24, 2014 · Browsers use internet explorer settings so regardless….I tried so many solutions to fix the proxy server problem and finally realized what I had suspected from the beginning. Only the administrator can change those proxy settings from use proxy server back to automatic. On the task bar, right click the internet explorer icon. Oct 31, 2018 · To check LAN proxy settings on Windows 10, hit the Windows button on your keyboard and type Configure Proxy Server before hitting the Enter key. That will open a pop-up window for Internet Properties. Check to make sure the proxy server address is right. Check that both Automatically detect settings and Automatic configuration are turned on in the browser. Check that the browser is pointing to the right automatic configuration script location. To check your proxy server address. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then Connections. Nov 21, 2018 · If your SQL instance is a named instance, it may have either been configured to use dynamic ports or a static port. In either case, the underlying network libraries query SQL Browser service running on your SQL Server machine via UDP port 1434 to enumerate the port number for the named instance.

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If you do not need to use a proxy to connect to internet then try to select "No Proxy" if "Use the system proxy settings" or one of the others do not work properly. See "Firefox connection settings":

node.js - Configure Apache to run proxy server (diff port 2 days ago · Angular App being served in Apache (Working fine) Node (Express) API (Not working with reverse proxy server) I'm trying to configure Apache so I can have my main App on default port (80) and my API on a different port (3000) being served with a reverse proxy using Apache. My API is already running locally with node pm2.